Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sally XO's Space Monks Versus Robot Invaders Mix

Sally XO of DANGERDISKO has posted his latest mix entitled Space Monks Versus robot Invaders. This live mix will make you dream of science fiction sex and is up for grabs at Swanky and you can even download it here.

Here's the playlist:

1. Alive(Angel Manuels Miami Sunrise)- Ronnie
Maze f. Jennifer Cella
2. Standing By My Side (Fred Numf)- Musetta
3. Djakarta(Artur Oskan)- Dana Bergquist
4. Wave of Positive Mood - Sergey Spell
5. Solitude - Phunktastike
6. Pretending(Matakena Saint Tropez)- Mac C
7. After All - Kamil Orman
8. In Your Eyes - Python Feat Angel
9. Pressure Love - Hernan Cerbello
10. Ocean and Breeze - Alongshore
11. Wherever(DJ DLG)- Hoxton Whores f. Frank
12. Myst(Paul & Luke)- DJ Pietro Berti

Sally XO - Space Monks Versus Robot Invaders Mix

As usual, this is a Sally XO classic. So what are you waiting for. Download this jam and head on down to Swanky and show him some blogger love!

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