Sunday, June 14, 2009

DANGERDISKO's Hip Hop Been Dead Mix


Its been a long time since we've been in action or updated our blog. Robots need a fucking break to you know. DANGERDISKO has been up to their robot balls producing some quality tunes for your listening pleasure. Its been a fantastic vacation from the Kuala Lumpur's ever thriving nightlife scene, and we're already beginning to miss it.

So Robotron 5000 of DANGERDISKO has decided it's time to go back down memory lane, and revisit his hip hop roots by releasing his first hip hop mix online, entitled "Hip Hop Been Dead". Inspired by DJ Helix, the set consists of lots of grassroots hip hop, old school booty shakers blended with a touch of electro pop. Download it and listen to it for yourself!

Robotron 5000 - Hip Hop Been Dead

Robots know how to get jiggy too, fo shizzle!