Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's already December?

A thousand pardons dearest DANGERDISKOTEERS,

We've been swamped with shows this whole month of December that we've barely had the time to update our blogs and inform you earthlings on the current events and activities DANGERDISKO has been up to.

As you would have may or may not know, we are currently been called by Heritage Mansion Kuala Lumpur to spearhead it's SEVEN2ONE chillout sessions which is from Mondays to Thursdays from 7pm - 11pm (hence the name SEVEN2ONE, d'oh!). The term resident DJs also covers three other pristine nights such Wednesday's GORGEOUS (with DJ Domingo from Peru), Thursday's ENTRA MI CASA (with Eddie Electric and Mr. Q) and Friday's PLAYHOUSE (with Garry Tee). Phew!

And it's as if that is not a handful, the birth of DANGERDISKO's debut monthly series "ELECTRIC PLAYGROUND" will begin on January 15th 2009. It will be total chaos. Robots and thongs will be flying everywhere with dirty disco and electro pumping through the speakers. Definitely an event NOT for the faint hearted.

And for those whom are not to keen on going to the Heritage Mansion, we will still be spinning Frangipani's Mashup Nights on Wednesdays as usual. As hard hitting Heritage Mansion is, Frangipani will still remain close to our hearts. It's something in the water there that makes us bursting with robot love.

Speaking of Frangipani, we are headlining the NEW YEAR'S EVE 2009 COUNTDOWN with DANGERDISKO (Msia) and DJ SITO (Spain). We will be playing alongside DJ SITO, a remarkable and established DJ from Spain. Quite a night to look forward to. If you haven't gotten any plans for New Years, head on down to Frangipani this 31st December!

Well, that's about all the updates that we have for now. Looking forward to partying with you animals next year! See you in 2009!

RoboTron 5000

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

DANGERDISKO's NOVEMBER 2008 Top 10 Playlist


Yes it's that time of the month again. And no, we're not talking about our man-PMSes. It's DANGERDISKO's NOVEMBER 2008 Top 10 Playlist!


Each month, we unveil 10 of the most sexiest of synths and the most beautiful of basslines to our very loyal readers (If there are any..). These are the songs that has been burning the decks at Frangipani KL and Heritage Mansion whenever we're there. These are the songs that helped us endure the most crappiest of traffic jams and the most unruliest of club crowds.

Well, wait no more DANGERDISKOTEERS! Here is the top 10!

  1. Pogo (Digitalism's Robotic Remix) - Digitalism
  2. Never Say Die - Dead Rock Machine
  3. Focker (Boyz Noize Re-Did) - Late of the Pier
  4. Sex Up My Brain (Designer Drugs Remix) - New Machine Addict
  5. Too Much (SHAZAM Remix) - The Emergency
  6. Lovestoned (Kaskade Remix) - Justin Timberlake
  7. Console - Calling In Sick
  8. Top Cop Mega Heat - Error:Love
  9. Miami Snatch - Hot Pink Delorean
  10. Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix) - The Whitest Boy Alive
Well, thats that DANGERDISKOTEERS. Head on down to our friends: DAZED DIGITAL, ELECTRIC ZOO, LA DECADANSE and PANDA TOES, and show them some blogger love! Download and share the love with the rest of the world!


RoboTron 5000 and Dr. RobotNik

Saturday, November 22, 2008



November has been a pretty massive month for us. Barack Obama won the presidency. (Yeay!) Nicolette Sheridan is going out with mediocre comedian David Spade (Giving butt ugly people all around the world hope!). Paris Hilton and Benji Madden breaking up (Finally!). It's a pretty awesome month. But we're here not to talk about that. Nooooo. We're here to give you the down low on DANGERDISKO's second instalment of the RUNWAY THUNDER series: RUNWAY THUNDER presents FRESH TO THE FLESH!

The night started out FREAKISHLY late: bearing in mind the fashion theme of the night was street wear, thus the designers and patrons were fashionably stuck in a jam in the streets of Kuala Lumpur. But all was well by 11pm as independent designers OSIXNINE, Krookz, Bone and Sexy Little Fire paraded Frangipani's makeshift runway and strutted their unbelievably colourful garments. By the time the thunder started, Frangipani was packed with gorgeous people. Models, celebs, you NAME IT!

Here's some photographic proof!

(photos courtesy of Mohd Ismail and Aishah Abdul Karim)

I know you must be thinking to yourself, "Why did I miss such a fabulous party?". Well, it's cos you're lazy and fat. Get off that couch! For goodness sake, start GOING to the events that we post on Facebook, will ya? It's not all make believe. Stop giving us the excuse that it's on a Wednesday. Everybody else came didn't they? But don't you worry, RUNWAY THUNDER is going to be a monthly event. So we'll catch up with you guys on the next one yea?


RoboTron 5000

Monday, November 10, 2008

November Bloody November!


Its been awhile since our last post. We have been oiling up and recharging our drained batteries after a month of rigorous screening and auditioning. After months of strenous music compiling and proposal submitting, things are starting to pay off. October was a month full of hits and misses. And now it's official, DANGERDISKO is now the permanent Wednesday nights resident DJs at Frangipani KL. We'll be doing our brand of mashup music there, every Wednesday. So for all you new wave-eighties-indie-rock-pop-electro fans out there, put on your Nike Hi Top Dunks and come on down to Frangipani this Wednesday!


But hold on Kuala Lumpur, we're not stopping there.. NOO.. We're planning on to take on The Heritage Row with our brand of smash music. As lazy and unfit as we are, we managed to pull a few strings and got an audition. Last Saturday, DANGERDISKO burned the decks at The Heritage Mansion to an awesome audience with massive success! It was awesome for us to finally get the chance to spin our more harder and edgier set. The crowd there were abit rowdy, but they were a crazy bunch. In a good way. Girls dancing on podiums, utterly pissed drunk and accidentally exposed breasts... Well, you get the picture. Great crowd. Didn't want to leave. We are still compiling the photos of the night. we'll post them as soon as we get our robot mitts on them!

Will DANGERDISKO be residents at The Heritage Mansion? Will they get their own showcase series of nights? Is Brad Pitt cheating on Angelina Jolie? Stay tuned to this blog for more updates!

RoboTron 5000

Monday, October 27, 2008

RUNWAY THUNDER presents NURITA HARITH/fashion.fizjedar


RUNWAY THUNDER presents NURITA HARITH/fashion.fizjedar was a BLAST! It was anything and everything you'd imagined it to be. Great fashion, great music, great cocktails and absolutely BEAUTIFUL people. Stud muffins, gorgeous mamas. You name it! Frangipani was THE place to be! There were loads of local celebrities , designers and models packing up the place and it was DANGERDISKO's best night yet! The crowd danced to our cocktail dish of electro house and indie rock. Fantastic crowd. Big up to the fabulous designers that made the night a complete success: Nurita Harith, Micky Tan, Alexandrea Yeo, Jimmy Lim, Justin Yap and PU3. Loves!

Here are some photos!

(pics courtesy of hours and hours of Facebook stalking :P)

We are still colecting the photos of the night. If you have some please mail it to us at our email: The more pics the better!

Next up on our weekly agenda is SPOTLIGHT presents DANGERDISKO vs. Bo. An entertainer of sorts, the multi talented Bo Amir Iqram has been entertaining the Kuala Lumpur music scene with numerous acts such as Cosmicspacemunkys, SE7EN, Deserters, Grandeur of Decibel and Bedroom Sanctuary. Be sure to catch him as DANGERDISKO's guest DJ of the month!

Let's partay like its 1985!

See you guys there!

RoboTron 5000