Saturday, February 7, 2009

February and the NEON Lovemachine


If blogging were a religion then I'm going straight into hell. I haven't been blogging for a while now. Never had the time to spare with all our latest residencies and shit. Swamped. Yes, I know. I suck. Plus, I have been diagnosed with kidney stones. Yes! Believe it or not! DJing can be a dangerous job.. Well, anyways, here are the latest updates on DANGERDISKO fellow DANGERDISKOTEERS!

The last ELECTRIC PLAYGROUND was a such a blast, it was the first time the NEON collective sat down collectively (aha!) and created beautiful nosebleeding music together. For those who may or may not know what in the world is NEON: NEON stands for NEO-Nightlife, a collective of DJs and producers from all over Kuala Lumpur that shares a strong drive and the same clear vision, NEON is a medium in which these artists can share their influences and present their productions. Phew! That was mouthful! The artists involved in the collective are currently DANGERDISKO, DJ Andy Lee and DJ Fizzy at the moment.

Cool ain't it?

This Thursday, put on your dancing shoes and wiggle your way to Heritage Mansion for ELECTRIC PLAYGROUND presents NEON NIGHTS. This time around, the NEON collective (comprising of DANGERDISKO, DJ Andy Lee and DJ Fizzy) will burn the house down with enough electro to make your ears bleed.

So, c'mon down this Thursday and partay your asses off!

loves loves

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