Monday, November 10, 2008

November Bloody November!


Its been awhile since our last post. We have been oiling up and recharging our drained batteries after a month of rigorous screening and auditioning. After months of strenous music compiling and proposal submitting, things are starting to pay off. October was a month full of hits and misses. And now it's official, DANGERDISKO is now the permanent Wednesday nights resident DJs at Frangipani KL. We'll be doing our brand of mashup music there, every Wednesday. So for all you new wave-eighties-indie-rock-pop-electro fans out there, put on your Nike Hi Top Dunks and come on down to Frangipani this Wednesday!


But hold on Kuala Lumpur, we're not stopping there.. NOO.. We're planning on to take on The Heritage Row with our brand of smash music. As lazy and unfit as we are, we managed to pull a few strings and got an audition. Last Saturday, DANGERDISKO burned the decks at The Heritage Mansion to an awesome audience with massive success! It was awesome for us to finally get the chance to spin our more harder and edgier set. The crowd there were abit rowdy, but they were a crazy bunch. In a good way. Girls dancing on podiums, utterly pissed drunk and accidentally exposed breasts... Well, you get the picture. Great crowd. Didn't want to leave. We are still compiling the photos of the night. we'll post them as soon as we get our robot mitts on them!

Will DANGERDISKO be residents at The Heritage Mansion? Will they get their own showcase series of nights? Is Brad Pitt cheating on Angelina Jolie? Stay tuned to this blog for more updates!

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Kuaitomboblo said...

haha. proud of u guys..

Anonymous said...

hi guys i havent been to your nights but looking at your music selection im quite impressed. however the crowd at heritage mansion, and even frangi, is not a good fit for your genre. try getting a slot at a place like cloth and clef, palate pallette or find a new venue that could attract a more indie crowd that would appreciate it. i heard there are interesting nights going on at that club across maison maybe you should check that out.


thank you for the constructive comments. we do realise that our music caters mostly for the indie crowd, but you'd be surprised at how much the frangipani crowd appreciates our selections. i guess everybody is sick and tired of the 'sexy house' genre. we're just providing them an edgier option of house music. :)

we have been around town and i must say, to find a suitable venue that caters to your selections is quite hard, especially when each venue has a niche crowd of their own. but for now, we would freely go to any clubs that would gladly open their doors for DANGERDISKO.

across maison? we'll be sure to check it out.

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